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Precision 5520 - Installer screen 'Prohibited' sign


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Hello Jake or other gurus...  I am trying to install Mojave  on Precision 5520. I am having hard time getting my installer to boot. It displays apple logo and the progress bar and when it reaches about 60%, it displays the prohibited sign in the middle. I tried verbose flag and the result is the same with the screen output getting garbled once the prohibited sign shows up. Here is my EFI capture.




CPU: i7 6820HQ

GPU: HD530  &  Nvidia Quadro M1200

Mem: 32Gb

Disk: 500Gb


Update: I was able to get to the installer finally after checking the FixHeaders flag and connecting the USB drive thru a USB2,0 hub (my usb drive & port are 3.0). I was also missing WhateverGreen.ketx that I copied into ketxts/other folder.

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