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  1. Hello Jake or other gurus... I am trying to install Mojave on Precision 5520. I am having hard time getting my installer to boot. It displays apple logo and the progress bar and when it reaches about 60%, it displays the prohibited sign in the middle. I tried verbose flag and the result is the same with the screen output getting garbled once the prohibited sign shows up. Here is my EFI capture. EFI.zip CPU: i7 6820HQ GPU: HD530 & Nvidia Quadro M1200 Mem: 32Gb Disk: 500Gb Update: I was able to get to the installer finally after checking the FixHeaders flag and connecting the USB drive thru a USB2,0 hub (my usb drive & port are 3.0). I was also missing WhateverGreen.ketx that I copied into ketxts/other folder.
  2. Thank you Jake. I had to tweak config.plist a bit and remove the DSDT.aml and ssdt*.aml from patched folder to make the installer work. I have decent capabilty with USB ports, ethernet, audio, keyboard, trackpad all working. I don't have the webcam and card reader working yet. Not sure what kexts are responsible for them or what dsdt patches are needed. If I put the dsdt and ssdt files in patched folder, it doesn't boot. After apple logo and progress bar, instead of coming up with login screen, it reboots. But what you provided was a good starting point. Appreciate all the help you gave. Mohan
  3. I was talking about the ssdt and dsdt files that Jake included in T540p.zip file attachment. I was not sure if they are meant for post install on hard disk ony or they are to be used for both installer usb and post install hard disk. I do not remember what exactly I did for my Dell. That is the reason I was asking about them.
  4. Thanks for your response Jake. I prepared the USB using the boot pack override you sent me. The installer booted up but it did not have the install option to install macOS. It behaved as if it did not have the macOS install package on the USB stick. I am 100% sure I followed your clover guide just like I did for my Latitude. However, I noticed that the size of the config.plist is significantly larger for Lenovo than for the Dell one. I know it could have been due to the fact that these two are different hardware configurations. Am I supposed to keep or delete the dsdt and ssdt files in ACPI\patched directory on the USB? I kept them. Did not try removing them yet as it was late last night by the time I got to that point. Thank you. Mohan
  5. Thanks for the instructions. I will start working on it tonight. Here are some more details I could grab from the system after seeing your instruction to look up vendor & hardware IDs Wireless: Vendor is Realtek and it has the following h/w ids ------------ PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_818B&SUBSYS_001B10EC&REV_00 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_818B&SUBSYS_001B10EC PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_818B&CC_028000 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_818B&CC_0280 Blutooth: Vendor is Realtek ------------ USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8761&REV_0200 USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8761 Card Reader: Venor is AlcorMicro ----------------- USB\VID_058F&PID_9540&REV_0120 USB\VID_058F&PID_9540
  6. Appreciate your response. Here are the devices present in my system: CPU - i5 4300M 2.6GHz quad core IGP - HD4600 15" 1920x1080 2x2 11b/g/n Wileless LAN M.2 Adapter Intel ® Ethernet Connection 1217-LM Realtek Blutooth 4.0 + Highspeed chip Realtek ALC3226 Audio Realtek PCIE CardReader Synaptics Pointing Device (trackpad) Synaptics FP Sensors (Fingerprint Reader) SunplusIT Integrated Camera (webcam) Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader It has 4 USB3 ports (one is ON always - charging port) Mini display port and VGA port 16 Gb memory (2x8Gb) I hope I have covered it all. Please let me know if I have missed out any. Once again, thank you for taking time to respond to my request. Mohan
  7. Hello Gurus out there... I have recently successfully setup hackintosh on my Dell Latitude E6540 with great help from Jake Lo. Now trying to do the same with my Lenovo T540p. As I do not understand the intricacies of SSDT/DSDT and do not have ability to patch them, I am hoping to get help from you guys. The attached zip contains my ACPI files. Hope somebody would provide the boot pack for my machine. My specs: CPU i5 4300 2.6Ghz IGP - HD4600 15" 1920x1080 500 Gb Hard disk origin.zip
  8. You are the man Jake! With this config file and additional kext, my USB installer is flying now. My web cam and audio are also working beautifully. You are right - out of excitement of having a successful install, I somehow skipped that step of copying the kexts from LE directory to /Library/Extensions folder and rebuilding permissions. I can't thank you enough my man. Appreciate all the help you gave me. Regards, Mohan
  9. Tried all 4 USB ports. None of them worked (wth the installer USB stick). However, after installing Sierra, all 4 ports are functioning normally. Keyboard, trackpad, trackpad button mouse buttons, SD card, ethernet, HDMI port are all working. Haven't tried VGA yet. My audio is NOT working and so is my web cam. For audio, I do not see any input and output devices.Not sure if I have to patch AppleHDA kext. Sleep/wake etc are working just fine. Closing the lid puts it to sleep and opening it wakes it back up. so all things considered, it was a good start I would say. Appreciate if you could guide me in fixing up my audio and web cam. Regards, Mohan
  10. My USB installer continues to give that dreaded 'Don't' icon (circle with a slash) at the center of the screen even with your updated boot pack for A17 bios. However, with this boot pack now I am able to install Sierra using a small hard disk drive partition as boot drive. Therefore My end goal has been reached. Appreciate your help Jake. If you want to dig further as why my USB is still failing, I can provide all the feedback you need. Just let me know what I need to send you. Thanks once again Jake! You made my day.
  11. Thanks Jake. I am on A17 bios. I do not see any link to upload my ACPI files. May be because I don't have requisite number of posts in the forum. Is there any alternative way I can get that zip file to you?
  12. Thanks for the response Jake. This is the guide (posted by you). https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-clover-guide/ I followed a couple of other guides from different fora and none of them worked. However, I have to say that your guide did work for ElCapitan but not for Sierra. Even for ElCapitan, it did not work with USB stick. I had to use hard disk drive and connect it via a caddy in the CD drive bay. With USB, the installer could never boot up. It always runs for a couple of minutes and then it comes up with a garbled screen displaying Don't icon (circle with a slash across) at the center and sits there forever. Here are my specs: Dell Latitude E6540 with IGP HD4600 plus AMD Radeon HD 8790M adapters. It has 16 GB ram and i7-4610M processor. All of its USB ports are USB3. I tried hooking up a USB2 hub and using the USB install stick via that but it did not make any difference.
  13. Hi Tuurbo.. I have tried several guides but could never install Sierra on E6540. I was able to install ElCapitan but not Sierra. Can you give me some pointers in the right direction to install Sierra? Appreciate your help.
  14. Hi OSXnoob... Assuming you are on Sierra, how did you install it in the first place? I have tried several guides and could never complete my install on Latitude E6540. Appreciate any pointers in the right direction.
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