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Dell m6300 high sierra install guide


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Thanks to this wonderful site and the admins mostly herves work on creating kext packs for us users i managed to use his work compiling up a kext pack for the Dell m6300 with a fx 1600m quadro gpu fully running using nvidia drivers and full speed step function alongside ethernet ,sound internal , all working fine , 


Here how i did the installation


I created a majove usb using dosdude1 high sierra patcher once complete i used the latest at the time of making this post which is Clover_v2.4k_r4895. 


Select in customise : Install clover in the esp and tick in boot sectors Install boot0af in mbr

Click next and let it install creating the efi folder on the hdd/ssd drive 


now download the kext pack i compiled and copy the clover folder to your newly created efi drive replacing the generic clover folder just created with one downloaded from this link .


you now have a Installer for your m6300 Dell . 


Please note you must have a penryn Cpu based machine or upgrade to one Like one i placed in this laptop a T9500 800mhz cpu , Even a x9000 Cpu works fine in these machines !!!!


Once installed Select your ssd/hdd to do its first boot . Tip make a folder on your usb installer disk with the kext pack And a Clover Clover_v2.4k_r4895 also clover configurator classic edition handy . Also kext utility to Install your ethernet kext Correctly For some reason in the efi folder the ethernet kext wont work but in System/Library/Extensions it does so shortly ill show you how to do that also 


in the kext pack i uploaded i included the efi folder with kext utility and the ethernet kext which is actually Admin:herves i simply edited with the correct Vendor id for the ethernet on the motherboard This same kext works on all Operating systems i tried even Majove which later when i have time ill make a Guide on that also . So a big thank you to Admin Herve for his hard work which made this possible for me and many of us to install Os x on our dell laptops .


Once you install clover as described on your hdd/ssd now copy the ethernet kext to /System/Library/Extensions/ Then use the kext utility to fix all permissions on the drive . Ethernet should work upon permission repairs complete 


Now you have a working machine with most hardware working but a couple of things that are not


The usb port on the back top right upper left does not the rest does


Card reader does not work


If anyone can improve this kext pack or wish to point out things i have missed please reply point it out And Enjoy 








m6300 high sierra pack.zip

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