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  1. can anyone help me install clover on a m6300 please , so far i have managed to install majove using a d830 kext pack but not catalina, it boots up in to installation using the kext pack i posted in this section back in feb 19th 2019 but the problem is as its installing it resets at 3mins in to installation and thats all it does can someone help me please ?
  2. hi jake , Would this work on high sierra for the e7240 ?
  3. Jake thank you so so much , i got it finally working and even have sound etc Cannot thank you enough , Kudos to you
  4. Finally i got the installation to start i selected the hdd etc but around 5miins in to installation it kills all processes and resets any suggestions ? ive uploaded the efi folder and followed your advice is this efi ok ? EFI 3.zip
  5. i tried all usb ports with the command -igfxvesa no joy it boots up to installer then crashes with the writing in verbose mode jumbled up then hazard sign EFI 2.zip
  6. Hi jake , So far it starts up installation then it crashes with a hazard circle sign it wont go further than that
  7. i pressed o and entered the boot flag -igfxvesa as you guided me however its still a blank screen i checked in verbose mode with the command you said to use its the same error
  8. it was indeed the guid partition jake ,however once i select the installer partition in clover it enters a black screen only any suggestions ?
  9. Im sorry the photo is not fully clear the camera wont focus on the laptop screen , i tried all usb ports there is only 3 on the laptop same thing it wont pass this screen under any variation , in this menu when i select boot manager it only shows efi hdd ,
  10. Yes just saw it , I did all as instructed i created a vanilla usb installer and used the bootpack you kindly provided along with the guidance of selecting clover booloader specific and still it does the same enters the screen in the photo i uploaded
  11. the github server is down for the link provided for HFSplus.efi Is there any other place i can obtain it please ?
  12. sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/installer --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app .. Doing so now jake and i will re use the latest clover bootloader But a question do i select Install in esp or uefi booting only when i install on the usb ? once installed i replace the efi folder with this bootpack ? EFI_v4961.zip
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