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Optiplex 360 - Yosemite installation


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So... any help is greatly appriciated.


I have an Optiplex 360 with...

Q9400 Processor

4GB Ram

Nvidia GT620 1GB Graphics Card

USB audio card


The only way I have been able to install OSX 10.10 so far has been with Niresh's Yosemite Zone with chameleon bootloader.

Everything except for iMessage worked for me. (graphics, sound, onboard LAN)

This was with the following boot flags (-v -f dart=0 PCIRoot=4 GraphicsEnabler=Yes kext-dev-mode=1)

This however was with no SMBIOS. None of them would work for me.


So here is what I am trying to do and am looking for some advice. I am trying to install Vanilla Yosemite with Clover to get iMessage to work.

Is that even possible with the BIOS on my board? (Non-UEFI)

Has anyone had any luck with 10.10 Vanilla on an Optiplex 360?




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PciRoot=4 basically aligns the bootloader PCI root with the computer's default settings. You can bypass this by patching the DSDT and setting PCI root value to 0. There are several posts on the forum about this.

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