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Laptop buying question for Mojave upgrade


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Can some on e prefer me some buying guide for new laptop. This time i want to try get good laptop who can do GPU acceleration(not only Intel's). Good screen, 8+ GB RAM, battery life even with slot who support original wifi card from apple. My budget is around 900 euro.

Now i have ASUS A55V with K55VM MB ver. With Intel igpu only. 6gb ram. 2x240 ssd's. I can't get Mojave working what ever i do it wouldn't run. Can't get newest XCode version. I had bought  Mojave compatible wifi+bt card and it works great in K55VM with my 5Gh home network. I have Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS High Sierra on this laptop working great. But i want tier up my gear but i don't want buy Apple device. 


Please give me some guides.

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