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  1. @Jake Lo i added both rams but no change.... HS boots ok... but for Mojave can't past start
  2. @Jake LoCan this mess with HS and then i can't boot in any of them? + what kind of memory info i should look for?
  3. @Jake Lo 1st reboot... freeze 2nd reboot freeze
  4. @Jake Lo when i press on something here all freeze
  5. @Jake Lo bootloop APPLE logo but it works so far from just install as helper in High Sierra.... on boot selected Boot from Mojave Install... and it restart pc or stay at logo.
  6. So i installed 2nd ssd in dvd room place. so i have 2 ssd's 1 have now High Sierra and second is for Mojave but i cant get Mojave installer working even by this method.... https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372 Apple logo just appears and then pc restarts...
  7. Hi, Now I think is time to upgrade to Mojave.... Can't update Xcode with High Sierra 10.13.6 anymore. So to make flashable USB for Mojave i will do usual stuff. But is it possible to get working ASUS K55VM Mojave? What kexts I should use at start in clover boot. Same as High Sierra what I use now?
  8. @Hervé Thanks... I will consider this.
  9. @Jake Lo Have you some idea how maybe I can enable handoff.... If you look above then you see it works from Mac--->iPhone but not from iPhone----> Mac. Other thinks work wifi 5ghz, air drop, BT only handoff is missing full functions.
  10. @Hervé I am so addicted to get everything working right.... strange behaviour is that HACHINTOSH -> iPhone handoff works great every safari page and iMessage can open on iPhone but not on Mac/hackintosh... even when it shows all in corner...
  11. can't fix handoff for CE123H by myself. Any tip... I tried change wifi id.... aded kernel and kext patches. no luck
  12. @Jake Lo As usually your hint was right... changed SMBIOS to PRO9,1 and BT start and works.... AirDrop work, 5Ghz wifi works.... even message app can send messages but not in link with Xs MAX... Thanks for everything for now... I got feeling I will have more questions later while using this for XCODE and finding things what I don't see now in hackintosh. Hands-off don't works... maybe you can help with that... first I will do research by my self.
  13. @Jake Lo nop... should i change it back to pro or smth like that?
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