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E6540 - COMPLETE EFI Attached - Catalina Beta 3 working Except USB / Internal 2nd SSD and HDMI Sound Sync


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I have Catalina Beta 3 working on my E6540 but I still have 2 main issues I need to fix and would appreciate some assistance please.


1- Only the mouse USB and a 2GB USB are working but not if I insert an Additional SSD USB or Internal 2nd SSD Drive

2- HDMI works but sound is not synced properly to the Samsung TV


Regarding the USB Do we need to find and replace any address in Kernel and Kext to Patch in the config as we did for 10.14.x?


If I try to install AppleAHCIPort.kext into S/L/E under 10.15.x it will create a Kernel Panic upon boot and I cannot fix it after that.!


I have attached my .EFI.zip


Thank you

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