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Imessage not working on precision m6800

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I7 4800mq

24gb ram

firepro m6100

240gb ssd(windows)

500gb HDD (mojave)


I used @frankenstein efi floder. I changed smbios following tutorials online. config.plist is set to imac 14,2. I checked the serial on "every mac" and "checkmycoverage" as instructed by the tutorials. Ethernet is en0. The message I am getting is "cant connect to imessage on this mac at this time". What am I doing wrong? clover folder attached


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10 minutes ago, eC//FrEaK said:

How old is your Apple-ID? Many people report that a newly registered Apple-ID is not working for iMessage and FaceTime.

Fairly new. Although I did try with my kids apple ID. That one is a little older. I can try my apple ID on a real Mac I guess and see what happens

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Hi, thanks so much for your help. I tried both of those configs and I am still getting the same message. i  am a noob when it comes to hackintosh. I noticed that the serial number and the board serial number are different in the configs you posted. should they be the same? (aside from the last five digits)

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No, of course, the serial numbers should not be identical.


Coming back to your Clover setup, there is only a very small set of kexts in E/C/k/O. But your Clover config shows being set for kexts injection. Since I saw no FakeSMC or VirtualSMC kexts in your Clover folder, I must assume either of those are installed and cached from /L/E (or /S/L/E). That is perfectly Ok but, then, Clover kext injection will not work. What's important to establish here is whether you have your LAN interface running and set as 1st interface en0.


Post your debug file and we'll know more on this matter.



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Ok, so your kexts are in /L/E, including IntelMausiEthernet for your LAN card. All that's left to check now is whether that got installed as 1st interface en0 or not. It's mandatory. In case it were not, remove all interfaces from your Network PrefPane and reboot. Hopefully, the interfaces will re-install automatically at reboot, starting with LAN; if they do not, simply add them manually, starting with the LAN card.

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this is what it says in system report under ethernet cards:

Intel I217LM PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet:


  Name: ethernet

  Type: Ethernet controller

  Bus: PCI

  Slot: Internal

  Vendor ID: 0x8086

  Device ID: 0x153a

  Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1028

  Subsystem ID: 0x05cd

  Revision ID: 0x0004

  BSD name: en0

  Kext name: IntelMausiEthernet.kext

  Location: /Library/Extensions/IntelMausiEthernet.kext

  Version: 2.1.0d5


Is there something else i need to check?

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