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almost golden. Sleep problem m6800


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I7 4800mq

24gb ram

firepro m6100

240gb ssd(windows)

500gb HDD (mojave)


I used frackenstien's  efi folder. We change to macbook proo 11,5 because of an Imessage problem. Problem now is when the computer goes to sleep, either after some time of inactivity or when i press sleep from the apple menu, everything goes dark. the hard the hard drive led lights up and flickers for a while. then the computer shuts down. if i press a key on the keyboard it pretty much just shuts down right away.


i used ssdtPRGen.sh to generate a ssdt.ami file. I placed it in efi/clover/acpi/patched. The thing is that there was no ssdt.ami file there already. there was a ssdt-cpu.ami file. Is that supposed to be deleted?

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