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  1. Hello @Sat1600 I got Dell M68000 with exact specs. Could you please confirm if you are able to use the AMD Firepro M6100 graphics card under Mojave?
  2. Hello @Koen B, could you please share the kext file for the USB ports to work please? I got Mojave installed on my E5430 and is working fine without the USB 3.0 functanality. All drives are getting detected as USB 2.0. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the help. DW1510 WiFi is now working as expected and stays turned on when connected to 1/2 Mini PCIe slot instead of WLAN. This is the case with both E6230 Laptops I've tested this on today. Regards John Sandesh
  4. Hi Herve, I now moved my WiFi Card from WLAN slot to 1/2MINI Labelled slot it seems to be working okay so far. I have two E6230 laptops and I experienced the same WiFi issues on both, After changing the Mini-PCIe slot, they both seem to be working as expected. But could I request you keep this thread open for 1 more day to fully test this, please? I will send with error reporting files.
  5. Right, I've used the exact guide and all is working except reliable wifi. It works sometimes like 2 out 6 times on average if I unplug and plug USB devices randomly and restart the laptop. I initially thought it could be bad wifi card and was able to swap to another working DW1510 card with no joy. I can see wifi card in sys report however it is in off status.
  6. Hi- Two more issues with the Dell Latitude E6230 Mojave installation - 1)The Wifi adapter ie DW1510 is not working consistently. Wifi Icon appears on the top however I'm unable to turn it on and always stays off. 2) Unplugging USB device is sometimes causing an error - "USB Accessories Disabled" error screenshot attached. Could you kindly help, please?
  7. Thank you, Herve, all USB ports are now working with USBPorts.kext. My apologies for the double post- I started 1st post at a wrong location (Guides section) and was not able to delete after realizing.
  8. Hello Hervé, Thanks to your guide for Dell E6230 Mojave - I was able to successfully install Mojave in a very straightforward manner. However, I've got 2 issues as listed below and hoping you could guide me in fixing it, please? 1) I'm just unable to get the stock Bluetooth working and there are no kext files for the same in your bootpack for Mojave. 2) Left USB i.e eSATA port is no longer detecting and devices connected to it. You've mentioned about an Hackintool in the description but again the boot pack doesn't have the USBports.kext? any help from you end would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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