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  1. HI, Not sure if this will help but when I was setting up my E5430 on High Sierra, I found that it did not recognise the keyboard as well sometimes, I used a hardwired keyboard and mouse and once it completed the install in the os it will ask to identify your keyboard, that is when I used the laptop keyboard and it picked it up and it works,
  2. HI, I have that setup in the clover GUI section display as 3840x2160 but when clover starts to the boot loader and I check it in clover options it show system output resolution as 1920x1080
  3. Okay so while the hack is working exceptionally well so far with sound graphics etc, I noticed that the resolution when the clover boot screen starts is in 1920x1080 and while the apple logo is loading it then flashes the screen and changes the resolution to 3840x2160, see screen shot of display, the other issue I noticed is that when the computer goes to sleep it wakes to a black screen, the computer comes back to live with the fans coming on etc but no picture on the screen, I have tried a few things but no luck, I have tried different ig platform id including changing the smbios to different ones, some stops the pc from booting, I change this is clover setup and it boots again. these seem to be the last things to fix t then have a perfect running Hackintosh on an MSI H110m Pro mobo. Any help would be appreciated. config.plist.zip
  4. Hi, I tried to do that now but it seems that the zip file is 6.3 mb which is to big to attach here even after removing the apple folder, how do I attach it on here
  5. I managed to get it working on both High Sierra and Mojave, so sound and graphics working great
  6. okay I sorted out the graphics no more issues with that just the sound part I need help with config.plist.zip
  7. Thanks will do that, i just want to wait for a file i am downloading to finish then will do that and post the debug file
  8. Thanks I did that, stupid me did not see it was a link, it gives me an error while running script saying to press f4 on clover boot screen, do i do just that, when i enter clover boot screen just press F4 and then boot into macOS and run the scrip again
  9. Hi, How would i create this file
  10. I managed to get the keyboard and mouse pad working with mojave but still battling to get sound, so far that is the only thing not working.
  11. @Leook, I used your files on my laptop and my keyboard and mouse stopped working and still no sound, should i revert back to high sierra or is there a fix for this. Mojave was working only no sound before
  12. Hi Jake, still no sound outputs showing and still battling with graphics, this time it failed to reboot and stopped at ' inform apple of panic something with a whole lot of errors' I did the graphics change like you said and it started again, should I have mentioned that the monitor I am using is a 4k 65 inch tv which is what I was using with windows?
  13. my sound output is now not showing any sound outputs, I used to see line out 1 line out 2 and digital out but have nothing now
  14. I managed to load a fresh version of mojave just finishing up the settings, in your dell post there were some files that needed to be run in terminal ssh ssd or something like that and then save to patched folder is there no such files to run for this pc, maybe that is why i am having this issues
  15. for the past 2 hours have been battling and cannot load the macos back not even in safe mode, i tried everything, that efi file seems to have did something going to load it from scratch again
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