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my installation steps in E6500 nvidia


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Anyway, I think to install lion 10.7.0 on E6500 is complex and unstable.


So I write detail for my action here.


1. Prepare a desktop HP Elite 8000 for import one virtualbox4.1.8 image in Win7, open CMOS vt-x, adjust it for working.

By the way, FreeBSD9 just update the port so that FreeBSD9 can also run Virtualbox4.1.8 now, I follow the guide and success.


2. use myHack EDP for make the pen

Choose Create OSX 10.7 install disk

Choose my 16GB SanDisk with only 1 partation

Browse installESD.dmg to continue

Choose Generic not myown

after done, delete /Extra in the pen

download M4300 bootpack and unpack /Extra to the pen

replace the dsdt.aml from my friend Mariusz

keep the M4300 org.chameleon.Boot.plist with M4300 original

use Chemeleon wizard 4.0 to change the Serial No in the smbios.plist


3. insert the pen in E6500 and boot from it to be install. and the keyboard is working during

My destination is that only Mac system in the 120GB HDD, SATA with AHCI opened in E6500 A25 bios.

install is ok, how ever, the pen cannot choose the installed lion boot after pen boot.


To be continued.

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Guest saphire

Return the Vbox, use Chemeleon wizard 4.0 to change the org.chameleon.Boot.plist

key is: 1, remove GUI

2, remove Ethernet built in, of course, my LAN is Intel82567

3, Timeout change to 12 so that you have time to change for 2nd stage boot from HDD inside.


Now boot from the pen in E6500 again, after you can see the option, choose installed HDD lion and continue

finish the welcome, except the connnection the internet, I do connect 1 usb keyboard together, how ever, I found dell keyboard cannot work at the beginning, how ever, click the USB keyboard anyone key, the inside dell keyboard is working, so I finish the contents. confirmed that inside mouse cannot work, the connectioned usb mouse works.

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Guest saphire

the 1st time, that apple find keyboard is not response, go ahead and choose ansi, then lion 10.7.2 is ready working now.


I want to keep above because it is hard to re-work after I continue, I takes 2 days but all failure.


For any newbie, I hope that change the org.chameleon.Boot.plist without any GUI, because if there is something trouble, you can easily to be found and return the vbox and change the /Extra some files.


Now I will try to continue my headache Lan and others like mouse go ahead, because it make dead and I never return the current status.

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I disconnect the USB keyboard on dell e6500, and insert 2nd USB pen with FAT32 for importing the KextWizard software and 0EDP.kext who I get from Mariusz, thank him again here!


Attention that no edp current for e6500, so I make a rush and hope it can be useful for all latitude users.

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Run kext wizard and in the 2nd page installation choose 0EDP.kext, choose System/Library/Extensions, target is the HDD lion, click install, input password, then it displays Done after a few min.


Now return the 1st page Maintenance, choose S/L/E and mark two options below, target is same above, click Execute. It takes long min.

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Real long time, and need your password again, finaly it is Done.


go to terminal, and check the information here

ls -all /System/Library/Extensions/0EDP.kext/Contents/PlugIns/


Becuase last time I did not check and install chem....and dead.


Now I am sure total 11 files here, same as Mariusz's 0EDP.kext, sorry, I did not know how to capture in lion.


I have a question, how to change the AboutMyComputer in lion, I guess it is the smbios.plist


now it displayed 2.2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB 667 Mhz DDR2

My PC should be 2.5Ghz Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB 800Mhz DDR2, let me try to change the HDD /Extra/smbios.plist whether it will be dead again.

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I donot know how to change the smbios.plist in HDD, sorry, anyway, I will go to bootloader chameleon. success.


Now I shutdown and remove the usb pen, mouse, all.


boot lion, and immediately key spacebar, it display

Darwin/x86 boot V5.0.132 -chameleon v2.1svn r1791


Vesa v3.0 14MB (Nvidia)

hd(0,2) lion


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But how to upload my error screen?

It display cannot load kext com.tootoosoft.driver.Intel82566MM error 0xdc008016

kext com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Controller failed to load 0xdc008017

kext com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Keyboard failed to load 0xdc00800e

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now, I make sure that M4300's IOATAFamily.kext and FakeSMC.kext works normal.


Dear Mr. Mariusz's INTEL82566 is not good for me.

Same with the VoodooPS2Controller.kext and VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext.


is there any mouse.kext for the E6500 ?


I give up the intel 82567.


By the way, change USB//Extra/smbios.plist ok for match my case

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