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Dell Latitude E7480 with HD 520 Graphics - Clover EFI for Mojave

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Sorry I posted this question on another topic. I used the bootpack attached above but it stops when the apple bar appears and its more than an hour already and not progressing. Is your 7480 specs the same as mine?

My Latitude 7480’s specs are:


BIOS version                 1.15.1

Memory Installed         16384 MB (2 X 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM)

Processor type:             Intel(R) Core (TM) I7-6650U CPU @ 2.2GHz

M.2 Sata:                        SK Hynix SC311 SATA 256 GB

Video Controller:           Intel(R) Skylake Graphics (Iris 540)

Native Resolution:        1920 X 1080

Audio Controller:           Realtek ALC3246

WIFI Bluetooth:              DELL Wireless 1820A 802.11ac (I already replaced the original Intel)

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That file is a bit outdated. Make sure to install latest Clover v5119, v5120 still have some glitches

Replace the attached contents into /EFI/Clover and try again

Post screenshot of KP if you encounter it.

Make sure to set BIOS accordingly. See Hervé's Latitude 7490 BIOS settings.


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Your bootpack worked flawlessly. I am now using my Latitude 7480 to reply to you. I'll upgrade my clover to v5119 after testing some more.


A very big THANKS...

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Now testing my 7480 and found out that blue tooth is not working properly and very erratic. It also crashes sometimes and I have to reboot. I'm looking for the debug.log but cannot find where it is located. Does the bootleg.txt show any problem with my system?


Thanks again...


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