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Real New E6500 installation story not Vmware or Vbox


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Hi saphire,


If you always needs to use windows 7 every now and then like for work, you may want to consider installing windows 7 on the first partition instead of os x. That way, when you add / removing new partition on os x, your windows partition will not be effected especially its partition number and will always be within the first four partition that hybrid mbr can recognize.


If windows 7 cannot boot when you add / remove partition, run gptsync, remake windows partition active and repair with windows dvd if you have problem. You will still need a second hard disk or osx usb install handy when you run gptsync as it needs the hard disk to be unmounted.


I also have similar set up. Before this, I always had problem with my windows 7 which always break each time I add / delete partition when testing.


By the way, windows 7 can be installed on gpt disk using gptsync. We have a wiki here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/dual-boot-osx-windows-made-easy/



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