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M4800: no sleep


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My Specs:

M4800 Dell Precision (as MacBookPro11,2)

Intel Core i7. 2.69 GHz

Memory: 16GB (2x8 DDR3)

NVIDIA Quadro K1100M - 2047 MB

250GB HDD  - El Capitan

SSD  240GB - High Sierra


Sat 1600, hello... I am in very much the same position as you: I made full use of Frankenstien's EFI - for which many many thanks to h!m. I changed only the SMBIOS entry to suit my machine and, like you, find that trying to Sleep (Apple menu/Timed in SysPrefs/Fn+F2) causes immediate black screen followed by complete power-off shutdown.


I'm wondering whether you have since come upon a solution? (Or maybe somebody else is able to help out)?

I would be very grateful, for (almost) all else works perfectly. 


(UK Time)

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