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  1. Hello.. I have an M4800 (Specs attached - along with config.plist.Hope that's enough?). I have two SSD internal drives - one with Catalina, one with elCapitan (as a fallback). Both work fine (couple of things e.g. sleep missing, display luminance, but nothing fatal). In the Optical Drive Bay I have a caddy holding a 3rd drive (for Data storage). The thing is… el Capitan handles any drive installed in that Bay perfectly normally - good speed in and out. But Catalina reads any of those same drives in it really really slow - slow to recognise folders and files and really slow to open and save them - beachball spinning for ages… I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's anything I could try to solve this? (Of course, curing Sleep would be a welcome bonus)! M4800 Sys Specs and Config.zip
  2. My Specs: M4800 Dell Precision (as MacBookPro11,2) Intel Core i7. 2.69 GHz Memory: 16GB (2x8 DDR3) NVIDIA Quadro K1100M - 2047 MB 250GB HDD - El Capitan SSD 240GB - High Sierra Sat 1600, hello... I am in very much the same position as you: I made full use of Frankenstien's EFI - for which many many thanks to h!m. I changed only the SMBIOS entry to suit my machine and, like you, find that trying to Sleep (Apple menu/Timed in SysPrefs/Fn+F2) causes immediate black screen followed by complete power-off shutdown. I'm wondering whether you have since come upon a solution? (Or maybe somebody else is able to help out)? I would be very grateful, for (almost) all else works perfectly. Glenn (UK Time)
  3. Don't know if this of any use to any other M4800 users. It's not perfect, cos needs a little attention paid every time... What I do is: First, Unplug AC (mains) connector ; Then, Fn+F1 = Sleep OK (all system idle) and: Plug in mains connector ; press Power = successful wake. (There have been times when opening lid wakes it, but not consistently, and whenever it happens it's with no (deliberate) changes made to anything). If anyone has alternative method without plugging out and in... would be glad to hear.
  4. To topolynx... Sorry I have not responded earlier. My post was a year ago and when there were no replies I stopped watching. Only now have I seen your post. If you are still looking for possible help let me know how far you have got, and what you still need help with. i must say I am not at all expert with these things, and my experience is very limited, but I will try to help you if I can.
  5. Don't know if this might be of use to someone. After many months of the annoying sleep and immediate re-wake problem, I've found a simple solution... With the BIOS set to APCI Suspend Mode as 'Suspend 3 only' (don't know if that is actually essential), change the USB Wake Up jumper USBPW9-14 (the one by the 3 USB connectors) to 2 and 3 (centre and right) instead of the default 1 and 2. I actually have all 3 of those USB connectors un-used (using only the backplate ones) so can't say if having them empty is relevant. So for me, with that now solved (faultless sleep, either manual or timed, and instant wake at any time with keyboard), everything is working perfectly. Hope this might be of help. (Maybe even for other similar boards)?
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