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  1. Ok, so Nvidia on the internal screen is a no go... Has anybody managed to get the Intel HD4600 working on it?
  2. TYTYTY!!! HighSierra is working with the M6800 10.13/10.14 files from github Still have to set nv_disable=1 to use the internal screen, but after reading till my eyes bleed that seems inevitable? Mojave/Catalina will have to wait till I have more time to tinker. @Xeon3D, have you ever noodled with the webcam? The external usb ports are working but beyond that I'm clueless...
  3. I can tell you that the K1100m work w/o drivers in 2009-2011 iMacs, so it seems like they'd work nicely in a hackintosh.
  4. I hate to chime in with me too, however... I have a m4800 with an i7-4800mq cpu, high res screen and Nvidia K2100 graphics. I haven't been able to find an efi config that'll run the installer. If somebody could post one it'd be much appreciated
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the noob question but I'm stuck way back here at 29. Download the Generic EFI + Bootpack for your model in post #2, in post #2 1) Download the Generic EFI folder. Generic EFI Folder EFI_4617.zip 2) Download model below and add the contents into the Generic /EFI/Clover <- folder I have an Optiplex 3020 with a i5-4590 and I can't figure out what model zip file to grab. I have EFI_4617.zip, what's the other one needed? I know it'll probably be obvious once someone explains... How do I figure that out? thx
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