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  1. Thanks Hervé. Sorry about that, I will do better next time. Fabrice
  2. Hi zogthegreat I have got one DELL M4800 with AMD Fire Pro 5100, can you share your EFI folder please? This should me to install Catalina on it? Thanks for your help. Fabrice
  3. Hi Everyone, I already have one hackintosh on macOS Catalina (10.15.4) working pretty well (12 GB and SSD 540GB). I have got one DELL M4800 and would like to do the same thing but al clover files I have already tested are not working. Process is hanging at the end of first boot (something nothing happen or black screen). Does someone have done a full installation on DELL M4800 With M5100 and share the EFI File? Thanks for your help. Fabrice
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