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D830: Processor Upgrade


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I have done research online, and found that the D830 processor is upgradeable, and can go as high as the T9500 C2D 2.6GHz.


I currently have the 2.0GHz C2D (I think its the T7500).


Now I have a few questions -


First off, is my research correct as far as being able to use the T9500 processor???


Second, Will doing this affect my current installation of Lion 10.7.2???


Third, I am running BIOS version A11 - Will I have to upgrade to the latest BIOS (A15) to perform this processor upgrade???


Fourth, If I do have to update the BIOS, will this affect the Lion install I currently have???


Thank You all for reading, and for your time.....


Have a good day!!!!



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Hi alticavis,


I too have just upgraded my D520 from core duo 1.66 GHz to core 2 duo 1.66 GHz processor. A big jump I guest from 32-bit to 64-bit.


The most important thing is that the FSB for the new processor must the same as the old one. Apparently FSB is the only requirement. Secondly, make sure you have the socket that is detachable (Socket M or 479 if i remember correctly)to make sure that the old processor is not welded to the board. Best to open up and see for your self I guest <_>


I'll advice that you update your bios to the latest (in case the old bios does not recognize the latest processor).


So far, for me, upgrading the processor and updating the bios has no effect on my lion installation.


Well, that's my experience. You should get more second opinions to make sure :P (especially on the heat sink if your new speed in higher that the usual maximum processor speed for the model, as in my case core 2 duo 1.66 GHz is the highest I've come across so far for D520).



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I figured the FSB would be main limit as far as processor choice......


I was worried that an upgrade like this would mess up the current installation - thats a relief knowing that it doesn't :)


Thanks so much for the input!!!






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