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Latitude 7490 - Kernel Panic Mojave

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Hi everyone,


This is my 1st time with turning windows laptop to a Mojave hackintosh. I followed Hervé build for the Dell Latitude 7490. I got kernel panic left and right during the installation process. Can anyone with kernel experience helps me with getting the installation process to work?


I have a dell 7490 with i5-8350U, 32GB (16GBx2) RAM, and Inland Premium 1TB NVME drive, and I swapped out the intel card with Dell DW1820A M.2 802.11ac combo wireless card.


Thank you in advance.



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Hi Jake,


Those files you sent helped me with the kernel panic and I finally got Mojave installed. Thank you so much for your help.😀


However I ran into another problem at the end, I hope you can help me with this also. I followed the rest of the Hervé guide and replaced the EFI folder from the Mac drive with the EFI folder from the USB Drive. However I can't seem to boot from the mac partition after restarting the laptop, and instead I get the retry to boot screen below. It only work when I have the USB plugged in. I must have missed something in the procedure... Thank you so much for your help.



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I apologize if this has already been addressed and I just couldn't rtfmp on this. I have been trying so hard to get mac on this laptop and keep following everyone directions. I just cant get passed this when booting up. Could someone please help. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving all.


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