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E6230: Difficulty with Clean Install Guide for Catalina


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21 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

DW1510 does not have Bluetooth so you must be using another device for Bluetooth. 


If you have Bluetooth working prior with BRCM*, then try upgrading the kexts.



It's actually a BCM94322 that is labeled "DW1510".  They have been dirt cheap for several years now on flea bay.

Thanks for the pointer to the updated kexts from acidanthera.  I'll give them a try.

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Hi Herve,

Yes - thanks, I did come across your bootpack when I was trying unsuccessfully to get my wifi working again.  Of course the wifi issue had nothing to do with Clover.

However, I found that your Clover files caused my screen to go extremely dim about every 15 seconds, and I needed to constantly punch up the brightness.

At that point I guessed I needed to be on BIOS A20 in order to get your setup to work properly (my E6230 is still on A11).

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Indeed, I'm running latest BIOS A20 + A19's patched DSDT.


With regards to screen brightness, make sure you've install the Clover NVRAM options to save settings. You can then check backlight level up with command:

nvram -p


nvram backlight-level


I certainly always obtain the same brightness level (and audio level to that effect) on startup/restart as I had on shutting down.

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OK, so I was successful at getting Bluetooth working with my BCM94322 "DW1510".

I used acidanthera's latest kexts, but because I was too lazy to rebuild the cache, I put them in Clover for injection (the "preferred method according to the readme).  Following the instructions, I used BrcmFirmwareData.kext instead of BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext.

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