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Dell Latitude e6410

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Hey There fellow Hackintoshers!

I have a Dell Latitude e6410 with 8GB RAM, i7 M620, and an NVIDIA NVS 3100M with 512mb VRAM

I want to install macOS . I know it's possible, but just need a working guide. Everything I've been finding has broken links, virus filled downloads, or non supported WiFi cards. 

If someone could write a PERFECTLY working guide, I would really appreciate it!

Here are my specs:


i7 M620



Original WiFi card.



I need WiFi, keyboard, trackpad, audio and the GPU to work. I need all functionality of the laptop. I have the original Wifi card. I need the Wifi to work too. I was able to successfully install MacOS Yosemite, with no wifi unfortunately. I'm happy with anything better than Yosemite. 

I've already tried these guides, with no luck





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"Original WIFI card" means nothing, you have to specify the exact model to assess compatibility. Consult our FAQ + wireless cards inventories on the matter. If you're looking for a distro or support with a distro, walk away because you won't get anything here.


The Insanelymac guide you've linked is the best you'll get these days in terms of dedicated guides for the E6410. My D630 guides can be followed in terms of installation process but the Chameleon/Enoch/Clover packs are obviously not applicable, at least not in full.


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