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Lenovo T470s: Battery Status on OpenCore 0.5.9


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Hi all. 


I've manage to install OSX Catalina 10.15.5 on a Lenovo T470s and have it mostly functioning. The one thing I can't solve is the battery status. Let me explain


1. The battery status icon only sits at 0% and never updates on OpenCore

2. I have to use ACPIbatterymanager.kext for the the status indicator to even appear. Furthermore if I load SMCbatterymanager.kext instead I get a series of errors show in the included picture. 

3. The same kexts when used in Clover are able to show some battery status, including charging even though even then it's not perfect. 

4. I've tried every combination of kexts and SSDT's that I can find lying around but none of them fix this problem. 




Lenovo T470s

Intel Core i5 6300u


12 GB of RAM



Git Repo with current EFI: https://github.com/Elemiel-K/Opencore-T470s


Any help or advice would be appreciated. 



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