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I just finished installing 10.6.7 on my nephew's 530. I used the info and guides from here and myhack. It took a few attempts as I've never used any Mac ever. So, installing a VM on my desktop first was interesting too.


My biggest issue was getting ahead of myself. I was allowing 10.6.8 to install. This would cause boot and touchpad issues. Then I read some forum posts.


All in all, not the worst experience I've ever had installing an OS. But, I guess installing an OS where it doesn't belong shouldn't be easy.


Thanks to everyone involved in making this possible.

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Dear Steve,


Good to hear that your D520 is up and running.


So, you've managed to install OS X on a VM? It would a great help for other members if you could provided some details on how you did that. Especially for those who does not have access to a working os x to run myhack.



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