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myHack 3.1 on E6500 10.7.4 good


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After myHack2 using long time, and now 10.7.4 upgrade success, I try to backup with time machine then try myHack3.1


Indeed, it is easier than old myHack2 because you have never keep more in /Extra/Extensions.


Final result is


1. /Extra only keep new proceduring org.chameleon.Boot.plist

copy my old dsdt.aml from Mr. Marcuisz

copy my old smbios.plist

no more any other files or folders!


2. /S/L/E

myHack3.1 made myHack.kext inside

I just add AppleIntelE1000e.kext in /S/L/E to drive my NIC not Intel82566

Also I pkg-install from today downloaded RTUSB D2870- UI- and installed by the manuel.


Attention that VoodooPS2*.kext for mouse and keyboard or trackboard cannot use together with what you can see in myHack.kext/


Indeed my E6500 using integrated keyboard and trackboard with 2 buttons working normal, how ever, because VoodooPS2mouse.kext cannot be loaded together with ApplePS2* so that the blue point mouse with 3 buttons refused work.


3. Because new NullCPUPowerMangement.kext works, so I mv AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext with AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext.original10.7.4


4. For sound, I still use VoodooHDA.kext from Mr. Marcuisz and of coz, rm -rf /S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext advanced.


That is all report of myHack3.1.

It is a great version to use except blue point mouse together

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Because my Intel wifi5300 cannot work in Mac, how ever, linux, BSD, Win all can used, so that I check seems broadcom inside wifi card is best because Apple choose it.

I checked osx86project that DWA125 can use even in future mountain lion, so I purchased one as my wifi in apple os.


Old version can be used in 10.7.3, but cannot use in 10.7.4, so I download again, the latest drvier.

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if you want to continue using GUI mode to choose OS at the beginning of chaemeleon, please copy /Extra/Themes from your USB-pen for booting to /Extra then make sure chameleon wizard let org.chameleon.Boot.plist with GUI and Graphics mode.

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