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4OS succeed in my E6500, and myHack3.1 can chameleon boot FreeBSD9 directly


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After retest more and esp. ubuntu12.04 lts always destory the Win7 32 ESP, I even purchased one optibay as one module bay hdd 2nd.


Of course, no one wrote how to do with.


Toshiba 500GB SATA

lion 10.7.4

win7 32

ubuntu12.04 LTS amd64

freebsd9 x32


how to do?

1. boot from usb-pen to the 1st page installation lion, but immediately partation as

lion 123GB, journel

win7 234GB, fat

linux 80GB, fat

swap 1G, fat

bsd 62GB, fat


2. restore from the time machine usb-hdd backuped


3. usb-pen using again to boot lion and myHack3.1 write chameleon to test lion can boot from hdd directly


4. Win7 DVD start to custom installation after format above 234GB partation, no need to change flag or gptsync of disk


5. after that, win7 can boot, and never change with chameleon, go ahead


6. ubuntu 12.04lts usb boot for installation, but only change /dev/sda3 fm fat to ext4 and mount /, attention, my mem is 4GB, and I cannot choose /dev/sda4 or 5 as available, so keep no swap and continue, of coz, install grub2 in /dev/sda3, keep intelwifi5300 online updating, so it is a long time, over 1 hour, final reboot


7. if you just let intern hdd boot, only win7, that is my hoping, do not chameleon change or grub2 change, go ahead


8. boot from usb for install fbsd9, because above swap and bsd partation is not available, I also strange why they are all MBR, not GPT, delete swap and bsd, redefine as 1 freebsd 58GB and inside / 57G and swap 1G as slice, nothing more changed, ...... after reboot, this time, freebsd keep on booting directly.


9. reboot from usb-pen, and transfer to hdd lion 10.7.4 continue, final works, myHack3.1 choose chameleon only to write the /


10. reboot from intern 500GB HDD, you will see lion, win, linux, and freebsd, wonderful, and everything working well


11. check ubuntu with command #free -m, I still have 3389M free, so no need to make swapfile on /, anyway you can see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq


IN a word, myHack3.1 can boot all, that is great version!

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I checked that above 4OS except Win7 can update normally.


To fix the Win7 update, I search long time, find the solution:


use USB-Pen to boot for installation, but entry terminal,

fdisk /dev/rdisk0

flag 2




Then it will direct boot to Win7, and I can execute win7 sp1 patch and more.


If want to return lion, need change to flag 1 in USB-pen or try Win7 diskpart.

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Hi saphire,


Have you tried to reinstall chameleon after fixing the windows boot? You can avoid having to boot from the usb and directly from hard disk. Chameleon will only replace the mbr while the bootsector of the windows partition will remain untouch.



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only after all installation, and freebsd9 re-write the mbr, so no chameleon boot, I try to use usb-pen to rewrite the chameleon fm myHack3.1.


After that, never rewrite again for chameleon.


if want2 make big patch or lanaguage patch of win7, I should make sure that hdd active on win7 partation, otherwise, I all let lion partation as active.



sele disk 0

sele part 1




The above command is for active part1 as active for chameleon boot.


The below is for lion to flag win7


if usb-pen, try direct command without sudo. if you boot from hdd directly lion,

in a terminal

#sudo fdisk /dev/rdisk0

#sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

flag 2


#sudo reboot


the above flag 2 is to make part 2 of win7 active

the above quit is save and exit, and it will ask you to confirm y to real write to hdd, just follow y.

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