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upgrade to lion


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I just purchased a second hand Dell Precision M4300. It currently runs 10.6.7 and i was wondering what would be the easiest way of upgrading to lion. Do i need to get a new install or can i upgrade? If i can upgrade do i just install a new EDP after? Anyhow i just want to know wich method to use,, im not asking for step y step instructions because i know there already out there..


many thanks

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Dear sfs,


I would suggest that you create another partition to install lion for testing. That way, you always have your main os x system available.


I have not really heard or read anyone actually upgrading their existing os x snow leopard but I would advice that you do clean install as our method are tested on a clean install of lion app from app store or retail usb.


You can run EDP 3 after that and test kexts from models closes to your spec and give it a try.


Let us know how it goes.



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