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OSX on D630

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Hi :)


Thats my first post so hello ! After that sorry for my english i think its no good ;)


I have Dell D630 (T7250,2GB RAM, Intel GM965, 120 GB HDD) can i install on it MacOSX ? I yeah i know propablly answer is yes - but here is so many guides, faq and others so i dont now what to choose - can somebody give me link that i follow and install OSX on my laptop ?


Second question - i have docking station and i use it every day, is it a problem ?


And lastly : Is it big diffrence in usuage of snow leopard and mountain lion ? From that what i read here the Snow Leopard work good on Latitude but Mountain Lion is too new to install yeah ?

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Your model is fine.


I have no experience of docking stations with OSX on so can't answer that one.


Guides on main WIKI page: http://www.osxlatitude.com/howto-install-osx/


Or my slightly expanded guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1408-a-beefed-up-guide/page__view__findpost__p__9479


Snow Leopard is 10.6

Lion is 10.7

Mountain Lion (not released yet) is 10.8


Lion works well on D620/630 and D430's in my experience and is the most current version. Mountain Lion has issues due to Apple not supporting the Intel GMA chipset at the moment (perhaps this will change at release but unlikely - but some modding may happen by the community to fix this).


You will find answers to most situations in the wiki and forum - so please search and read up as much as possible.

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