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  1. Hi, what version of OSX are you running?
  2. I have - see op - leaving that as a last resort.
  3. .....I assume due to nvidia graphics issue, my wife was using it and it froze with screen corruption - she handed it to me and no response - so rebooted and now I only get the power light, Bluetooth light and num-lock light - completely blank screen/no bleeps/no post! Assume it needs re-flow - but I don't have facilities to do this and can't say it's worth paying someone to do it (as it can't be guaranteed to last anyway and budget is low). I have read about doing this in an oven - but I don't fancy this - perhaps as a last resort. Any suggestions? I'm in the UK and it has a perfect 1440x900 screen. Budget is low and we have other laptops - so not critical to get it working immediately. I've looked at perhaps getting a second hand mobo - perhaps with Intel graphics - do the D620's with Intel on board graphics drive the 1440x900 screen OK? Intel as I don't want to risk another failure - mobo's seem to go for about £30 inclusive of P+P. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello from Derbyshire. You are in the right place. The main help and guides are the best place to start. What is your d620 spec and what version of osx are you planning? Good luck. cheers
  5. Ah, lol, to update edp I have to update edp cheers
  6. -- E.D.P Rev. 424 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- svn: access to 'http://svn.osxlatitude.com/svn/edp3/trunk' forbidden Your EDP have been updated, please restart EDP via edptool logout Trying to update EDP and get the above (understand 431 maybe the latest EDP Rev?). Any ideas (get the above on a D430 as well but that is already up to rev 431). Cheers
  7. Is that a HDD password in the BIOS? Might be a stupid question - but removing the HDD password in the BIOS does not rectify the situation?
  8. +1 on that - after every cold boot the brightness always drops to below max brightness - but it shouldn't be flickery - just a bit dimmer than max - when you move the slider the brightness does go brighter/dimmer? But if you setup sleep (set a BIOS password but set it so it is not asked for when coming out of sleep) then you never really have to cold boot and have to adjust brightness
  9. What security do you have set? And do you mean you have hidden your SSID? If you make your wifi visible can you connect? Very little security benefits in hiding the SSID if you are using strong encryption (WPA with a good key).
  10. I have just gone to 10.7.4 and left the Airport and 10.7.4 supplemental update until I got confirmation these didn't mess anything up - all other updates will be OK.
  11. Thanks again - did you apply the airport and 10.7.4 supplemental update via software update?
  12. 10.7.4 is the latest version of Lion. Are you querying the Apple updates in Software Update?
  13. The OSXL guide here is great: http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/pre-installation/ But it doesn't mention the detail of updates and troubleshooting hardware issues (thats what the forum is used for until FAQ is populated with common issues). Do you know what wifi card is in the Dell? Intel cards do not work with 10.7 and the card will need swapping out with a broadcom one - DW1395 cards are common and cheap - a few quid/dollars on ebay. Card on D6xx series is under the keyboard (F4/F5 area) - check the Dell for workshops manuals - very simple to get access. My recent experience of a 10.7.4 update may be useful software wise: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1626-fresh-setup-no-wifi-or-ethernet/ Download the 10.7.4 combo update from Apple first and grab yourself a copy of the kext I mention - which you can find here via a forum search or via google.
  14. Well that kext was no good (a broadcom one from SL). So after much more kext shuffling, installing and myhack fixes - I thought this is just wasting time. So I did a fresh install again: > Used new USB stick as before (built with latest myhack and D430 bootpack). > After 10.7 initial Apple setup I did a copy of my original io80211familykext into extra/extensions and did a myfix quick and wifi worked after reboot - so card proved to be fine. > Then did a install of latest EDP - but didn't do build > Install of 10.7.4 combo - didn't restart > New build using EDP - D430 default config > Reboot - wifi broke > Did a copy of my original io80211familykext into extra/extensions again and did a myfix quick and wifi worked after reboot So I'm on 10.7.4 with WIFI and ethernet working - so I must of messed up originally with a install of wrong kext or some update broke it. Just one more question - I now have 6 updates available - which normally I wouldn't worry too much about - but I don't want to break it again - so iTunes/Safari/RDP update/flashback removal tool I'm fine with but what about the AirPort Utility and MAC OS X 10.7.4 supplemental updates (the 10.7.4 looks harmless but the airport one makes me nervous) - any experiences of these updates? Cheers
  15. Well yes it will 'work' - but not in a state where you would want to use it by the sounds of it - see this thread https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1393-graphics-accelaration-on-gma950-models-works/
  16. Hi bronxteck, yes switch and bios ok. All was fine before wipe and new setup using all new myhack and edp as above. Just replied to another poster about some kext they used to get wifi working. Will see how that goes.
  17. Can you attach the working files or pm me a link please. Having issues with a 10.7.4 install (never had any issues with my 10.7.3 installs). Cheers UPDATE: no worries found them here: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=972 will report back they work for me on 10.7.4
  18. Cheers, tried and same result. Tried quick and full my fix. Both kexts now exist in e/e and s/l/e - anything else I could try?
  19. OK, I tried a update of EDP on my fully working D430 (10.7.3) and I just kept getting KP's and couldn't fix no matter what I did. So as the laptop has nothing critical on it I decided to create a new USB install sick (Lion) using latest myhack (3.1.2) and latest bootpack - just so I could try out the latest versions, get up to 10.7.4 and try out the new swanky OSXL instructions. USB stick setup went fine (replaced Extra as per OSXL instructions using myhack interface). Install went fine. Before doing EDP build I applied 10.7.4 combo update I had downloaded earlier. Then I did a EDP build and rebooted. All was good - apart from WIFI not working (ethernet was OK). So I downloaded all other updates and rebooted. All OK. Then I got around to fixing the WIFI which I thought would be a quick job (had been in the past). Applied ionetworkingfamily and io80211 kext's using kext helper (used the ones I had used when fixing wifi on my previous 10.7.3 builds - although I'm sure I only applied one of them in the past but latest post I found mentioned adding both?) - rebooted and wifi symbol appears but says no hardware installed! And the ethernet no longer works! In Network settings pref pane I get no ethernet or wifi when clicking + to add services. Only thing I can add is my WWAN card - which even if I setup I couldn't use as no 2g/3g signal where I am at the moment) Checked the obvious (WIFI switch and BIOS - WIFI is on). Did a full myfix - no difference. Did a new EDP build and rebooted - just the same (I was hoping this would at least get me ethernet back). I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here - any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance P.S. Only thing that seemed to be glaringly missing in the OSXL instructions was any mention of updates - somewhere between 2 and 3 on this page http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/post-installation/ it needs to have a section on updating from 10.7 to whatever combo update is available as doing the 10.7.4 update after EDP build is going to break it. Also thought WIFI would get sorted by the latest EDP as well - or is this an issue due to amount of different WIFI cards?
  20. sipart


    I'm afraid installing 10.7.4 won't help - it breaks 10.7.x and you need to fix - see here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1533-guide-getting-1074-and-1075-to-work-on-supported-models/ Once you have done this you can get back to your wifi issue!
  21. Hi karpais: Here you go: http://www.osxlatitude.com/getting-sleep-to-work-on-your-dell/ But just one additional tweak that makes wake from sleep even quicker. In the BIOS you can set that the password you have set does not have to be entered when waking - thus saving a few seconds and you interaction when you lift the lid - the guide above needs this tweak adding - picked this bit of advice from bronxteck from memory. Cheers
  22. Lion 10.7 needs 2GB+ of RAM to install - but seem to remember that the warning message is pretty clear when your in early stages of install. You only have 1GB RAM?
  23. Hi and welcome. Does it have nvidia or Intel graphics? Have a browse of the ml forum for testing and advice: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/66-intel/
  24. Thanks Macman911 for the updates - seems like the author of kext helper used to use Apples mobile-me web hosting and it's gone!
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