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  1. I have this drive with Mavericks(13.4.0 kernel w/Enoch) for years and it was rock solid...I was trying to copy some files with MacDrive from Windoze but that tool wacked the partition table on the Mavericks HDD...started playing with it testDisk got the partition back the bootloader loads but it stops and shuts the machine down no KP listed ... after this devfs_kernel_mount failed to find directory '/dev' I know this is ancient stuff but trying to see if it is fixable or it's a fubar already?? All my files are there (300G of stuff)I can access from other hackintosh drive but I'd like to boot from Mavericks as some old apps don't run on newer OS Digging on the forums guys with the same msg from way back in the Mavericks days are suggesting clear the PRAM is that for real?? I thought the hackintosh don't even have those chips On the other hand reinstalling it....is there a way to install over the existing OS without reformatting? Regards
  2. I just fixed it!! .. if it helps anyone with those similar symptoms as mine - Looked the boot messages almost line by line and found out a few kexts had "incorrect permission" so I manually set those since the tool was not doing it right for some reason - Rebooted and similar messages but at the login when I was expecting for the Beach Ball it actually made it thru, so I ran the "kext Utility" and decided to reboot, but here back to the dark screen after finish booting even with nv_disable=1 but those wacky messages about the kernelcache were gone. - Edited the org.chameleon.Boot.plist in /Extra with ChameleonWizard and just changed the resolution to the highest, rebooted and I'm typing from the Yosemite, the NVIDIA is set back to"OSXDefault Graphic Driver"
  3. I'm about to redo it from the scratch, this one worked good for years, but perhaps somebody can give me a hint so I don't have to go the hard way. My install is Chameleon it looks like it is fubar now. It started getting the dark screen after finishing booting very common, lots of talk about this nothing really worked 4 me lately I found out if I closed everything before a shutdown it would work & was using that KISS for ages until now. Found the NVDIA web that would work with my system, made so many tries and eventually booted to low res, installed the NVDIA but it would stay in low res, so I tried to rebuild the ssdt and running some rebuild cache with the ketxtwizard and it is where I'm now it boots in low res but at the login I get the beachball of death and nowhere to go from there. Been reinstalling kexts to no avail same result, boot with NoRebuild Cache same. A couple of weird messages from the -v Thanks in advance (I have other drives with other versions I'd like to keep this Yosemite). Of course my USB for this is gone so that is why I'm at the point of redoing it from the scratch unless there is a hint/trick. Thanks in advance
  4. Man that is awesome, very cool .... the high res in my Sierra is flakey so I'd be running the low res mode anyway and I can go to High Sierra to handle some debugging.
  5. Are u saying I can make a clover usb with high sierra and install it on top of an enoch Sierra??
  6. Got it!!! Gave it a shot with Clover didn't go the clover menu was always empty... so redid the Enoch and it was all ok still have to touch up trackpad too slow, no wifi, no sound. Thanks 4 the help!!! UPDATE: For the sake of completion booting from the installer USB would work but I had issues booting from the HDD I'd get the boot0:GPT boot0:done, tried the boot1h but it didn't make a diff, figured out when installing the Enoch to the HDD it had to have the option "Install Chameleon in the ESP" then all was good
  7. I have 2HDD (Mavericks, Yosemite) which have been rock solid for the last couple of years, now that u mentioned maybe I'd upgrade the Yosemite to El Capitan. But I wanted to have this extra 1T drive with Sierra or higher a bit "native" as I said I have VMs with HSierra and Mojave on this drive which run ok for my main dev needs (running XCode, Angular and RDP to servers)
  8. The specs of my box are my sig now and my Extra is attached. I didn't reformat the HDD. Extra.zip
  9. Followed your guide(enoch) , tried 10.12.6, got the USB had issues with the DSDT for my E6420, pulled in the NVS version with nv_disable=1 all good it completes the installation , on the 1st boot it goes up to AppleKextExcludeList.kext the screen stops printing , it stays there empty for a couple of minutes and reboots it repeats this when retrying multiple times. They said delete it & gives me a KP something about unable to scan kexts, others suggested to take all text from the info.plist same, emptying a couple of sections the same. Rebuilt Kexts no diff ....Any hint on how to go around this?
  10. It's been a while I tried it a couple of times with no success but since I have working VMWare copies of Mojave and High Sierra running on this box I can do what I need to do there i.e. testing some Xcode stuff. A bit slow but it gets me thru But I'd like to have a native install of at least Sierra or better high Sierra so I've been trying Clover, these are my current tries any hints on which path to try deeper? 1.- Standard method creating the Clover USB Legacy it never boots from the USB, what do I need to so that it boots from the USB 2.- I installed from my old trusty USB with Mavericks/Chameleon, renamed the Extra , installed clover on the HDD and played with couple of kexts and I boots to Clover logo and to Mavericks, the I ran the "Install MacOSx Sierra" like on a real Mac and goes thru, reboots to the Clover logo, it looks like it will go as it progresses to 100% but it stays there forever. 3.- Was thinking about installing Sierra/chameleon and tried to do the trick on my shot 2 to flip it to Clover.. Thanks in advance
  11. My two HDs are GUID, Chameleon allows me to choose to boot either mavericks or Yosemite(also done with Chameleon) the Clover would the same? I had issues with the dsdt for Clover it wouldn't work 4 me that is why I went with Chameleon.
  12. Does this apply to the Chameleon method or only for the Clover?. I did the Mavericks with Chameleon
  13. Sorry to be such a pain , I held back as long as I could and now I need to install Sierra, been using the Yosemite more and more so I'm thinking about installing it on my Mavericks hard drive, I have a lot of data could I leave a couple of folders with my stuff and erase everything else to do the Sierra?? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks!!! It's been a while and I didn't see the last piece on the guide ... I didn't get to do it as I always had some work on that Yosemite drive and I know this may take me out the box for a couple of days ( or a full night) read the last guide and just have to add a couple of pieces to my stick from when I posted I'll do it in the next few days
  15. I got a USB and ran the createinstallmedia method, it just copied the app to the USB which wouldn't boot, I manually added Chameleon still doesn't see the stuff on the USB . So this means I have to go the long way e.g. pull the InstallESD.dmg and stuff , right??? Or di I miss something else?? Thanks
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