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Help! D830 intel gma at 1680x1050


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i have completed a install of mac osx 10.7.4 using the Myhack usb disk guide on this websites but with a few changes. firstly i was not able to use the bootpack as it caused boot errors and osx would not start. after fiddling around i was able to get it running using the myhack method still but using the default bootpack. next thing i try to do is install an EDP but every time i try to install a EDP it completely ruins the install again! so when i have the install running i have a resolution of 1024x786 and no sound what so ever everything else works besides WiFi and battery..im really at a stand still now because i have been working on this all weekend and it would be much appreciated if anyone could help me or see if im doing anything wrong! Thanks in advance!

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Dear srg,


After installing 10.7.4, you need to replace the appleacpiplatform.kext in /S/L/E with an earlier version from snow leopard which will resolve a lot of issues from here:-




After that, download and configure EDP 3.1 for your system.


You need to boot with mach_kernel arch=i386 -v -f and let us know what message is display if there is a KP.



We can solve one issue at a time.



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