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HELP - Dell Latitude E6430 MacOS Catalina Post Install


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A few weeks ago, I was able to get Catalina installed and operational on my Latitude E6430 using Opencore. Came across a 34 minute Chris Titus video on an Opencore build and decided to do it myself too. 


I spent a few more days trying to get the WIFI and the Audio to work. I was able to get both working using the AirportILwn.kext (for Catalina) (however it is spelled) and VoodooHDA.kext. I followed the Opencore Ivy Bridge Laptop Installation Guide. So, what I have running:

  • Trackpad
  • Keyboard (want to remap the buttons later to be more fluid to what I am used too for Windows)
  • WIFI (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, have to restart)
  • Audio (no problems)
  • Battery (read & percentage)(OTB)
  • iMessages and iServices (just processes slow when downloading from the App Store)
  • Power Management (spent about 3-4 hrs without my laptop on the charger and was only at 31% before turning off the PC)
  • USB Ports and SATA (for the second Harddrive that I have)(MacOS is installed on a harddrive that I have loaded where the CD/DVD player used to be)
  • Web Camera (OTB)(I believe)
  • MacOS X Catalina 10.15.xx


Issues (what I would love assistance on to fixing)

  • Wake from Sleep
  • Sleep on Lid closing/Wake on Lid opening
  • WLAN Switch on the side to turn on "Airplane Mode" like it does in Windows
  • Bluetooth (using a USB Dongle, works in Windows)
  • Lag in keyboard inputs (Pinwheel of Doom every time the MacOS has to think about what to do next)
  • Lag in just CPU processes (Hackintosh hangs every 30 seconds, used a YouTube video to track, depending on the process)
  • Boot Chime (doesn't work)(Have the resource inputted right)


System Specs:

  • Model: Latitude E6430
  • BIOS: A23
  • Chipset: Intel Panther Point QM77
  • CPU: i5-3340M CPU @2.70GHz (no overclocking)
  • Graphics: HD4000
  • Ram: 8.00GB
  • Wireless: Dell Wireless 1520 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card
  • LAN: Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet
  • Audio: IDT IDT 92HD93BXX
  • Disk: SATA HDDs


I have attached all the information that is needed. Including the EFI (OC folder too). Specifically, looking for the help that would be of JAKE Lo, or anyone who is willing...Or, does anyone already have an OC EFI for Dell Latitude E6430 that works with all these modifications made? 



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