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[Guide] Easy noob way of updating to 10.7.4/10.7.5 on your OSXLatitude


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So I managed to install 10.7.4 easily on my Latitude E6400. Looking at other guides on OSXLatitude about using Terminal and all of that good stuff, that intimidated me (because I'm such a noob.)


Since nobody has managed to post anything about it. Here's my silly noob proof guide to do it. Might be useful later on


1. Get the 10.7.4 or 10.7.5 update combo from Apple.


2. Also download the AppleACPIPIatform.kext from here


3. Mount the update combo DMG, install it normally.


4. DON'T reboot. Right click on the Installer on the dock, press the option key *or for OSXLatituder's, your Windows key*, and force quit the installer.


5. Get Finder on your top bar, click go, and click Go to Folder, and on the pop up window, type in /System/Library/Extensions/


6. Find AppleACPIPlatform.kext inside that folder, and DELETE it.


7. Get the AppleACPIPlatform.kext we got earlier, and place it in /System/Library/Extensions/


*You might get a message about it not being installed properly, ignore it.*


8. Get myHack from here


9. Open myHack, input your password, and choose myFix.


10. On the next window, choose your / drive, and the next window will ask if you want to run it in full or quick. Choose full.


11. Wait for it to finish.


12. Go get some coffee or something, its going to take a while...


13. When it's finished, reboot your machine.


14. When you're on the boot loader screen, type in the following flags. -v -f


15. Done!


Tried to be as detailed as possible, but thats it. No terminal, no USB drives, nothing!


Also, if you were using EDP, make sure that you do a new build.

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