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  1. For Audio, I would suggest running the AudioUpdate.sh script in the original thread and then going to Disk Utility and Repairing Disk Permissions. That worked out for me, as the Post script in E6410Y didn't get audio working. Also, would anyone know why my system runs way hotter than normal? I feel like the system has all 4 cores running at max frequency 24/7. Nothing is open, but my system warms up and the fan is always running. E6510 with i7-720QM, fan is almost never running when inside Windows 10. Not to mention, battery life is abysmal.
  2. Thanks a bunch for this post, couldn't figure out why my i7 E6510 would KP on the install screen. This worked out perfectly.
  3. Yeah, I don't think Yosemite is worth the trouble anymore. I went ahead and installed Mavericks instead. Already feels marginally smoother than Yosemite.
  4. So much for me thinking the system was perfect. A couple days later and now the system has slowed down a TON. Beach ball whenever I log in, many system icons don't even load, and its suddenly taking a very long time for things to open. Using a SATA III SSD too, what could be causing this? Nothing was installed either. Activity Monitor doesn't show anything eating a bunch of CPU usage either.
  5. ... What? I've used both of those commands an unhealthy amount of times and only now it decided to work properly. FML!! Regardless, audio is working, and now the system is perfect! Thank you for all of your help, Jake Lo, and sorry for having you go through my struggles.
  6. Found something. Opened System Report again, and it appears the kext isn't loading at all. AppleHDA: Version: 267.0 Last Modified: 11/21/14, 5:50 PM Bundle ID: com.apple.driver.AppleHDA Loaded: No Get Info String: AppleHDA 267.0, Copyright © 2000-2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Obtained from: Unknown Kind: Intel Architectures: x86_64 64-Bit (Intel): Yes Location: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext Kext Version: 267.0 Loadable: No Signature Validation Errors: Kext signature validation error code -67061 Dependencies: Satisfied Signed by: Unknown This confuses me because kext-dev-mode is enabled.
  7. Optimus disabled. Edit: Weirdly enough, going into System Report, I can see Intel High Definition Audio under the Audio tab. Before rebooting after installing the kext, I can see things like HDMI out and Line out, but I still cant get anything out of the speakers. After reboots, the dropdown under Intel HD Audio just disappears.
  8. This one. The 10.10.1 AppleHDA kext under the E6x30 post.
  9. Thank you. After much trial and error, it's finally booting into Yosemite properly. Everything is fine and dandy but audio. I've replaced the AppleHDA kext with the one in the other thread for 10.10.1, but the system still reports no output devices found.
  10. No dice. Keeps spitting out 'sudo: ssdtPRGen.sh: command not found' back at me.
  11. Are you able to explain what I'm doing wrong here? This script refuses to work for me. lyndons-mbp:~ Lyndon$ sudo chmod -x /Users/Lyndon/Downloads/E6x30/ssdtPRGen.sh Password: lyndons-mbp:~ Lyndon$ sudo /Users/Lyndon/Downloads/E6x30/ssdtPRGen.sh -d 0 -p i7-3740QM lyndons-mbp:~ Lyndon$ sudo /Users/Lyndon/Downloads/E6x30/ssdtPRGen.sh: command not found


    How to teamwork in League of Legends?

  13. I can't seem to get the installer going on my E6430 here with NVS 5200M/HD 4000. Has an Intel i7-3740QM, and 4GB RAM if that's significant. BIOS A16. Everytime I try to boot with the flags, I get; ERROR: dcbtable_version is 0x4 ERROR: nVidia ROM Patching Failed! Dell NVS 5200M -4095MB NV1ff [10de:0dfc] - [1028:1534] :: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) device number: 1 Memory Allocation error! Addr:0x87ba108 Size: 0x0, File: free, Line:0 This is a non recoverable error! SYSTEM HALTED!!!! EDIT: Well, disabling Optimus in the BIOS got me past the message, but it's just stuck on *code below*, pretty much at a brick wall right now. GeForceSensors: still waiting for accelerator to start.. GeForceSensors: still waiting for accelerator to start... GeForceSensors: still waiting for accelerator to start... Still waiting for root device...
  14. .................................you expected some new years resolution crap?

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