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My Lion Install on D630 - near perfect and nearly complete!


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Since I was unable get to SL to install on my Dell I thought I'd have a go at installing Lion. Well, to make a long story short it worked great. I have a near-perfect/near-complete installation (after many many many attempts though).


My specs are:

Dell Latitude D630 with Intel Core 2 Duo (T9300)

4GB, 160GB HD

1440x900 LCD

Intel 965 Video

Dell 1395 Wifi card

Fingerprint reader

Dell A17 Bios





WIFI (via IO80211Family.kext)

Audio (via VoodooHDA 2.7.3)


Not Working:


Power / Battery status

Trackpad scrolling


Update to 10.7.4 combo update was successful. No issues.

Subsequent updates also good.


I did not use an EDP as it was causing a KP. I have an almost complete write up of my process which I will post, as soon as I get these last few issues sorted.


I'm kinda scared to try putting in kexts in fear of the wrong ones that might cause a KP and render my installation useless (again). If someone has the same spec as mine, can you tell me which is the correct kext to download for sleep and battery status to work.


Much appreciated. TIA.

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Dear tman,


You may need to install the SleepEnabler.kext from EDP to fix sleep.


You may also need to install the VoodooBattery.kext to fix power / battery status.


By the way, after you install EDP did you run myfix full mode? That normally resolve the KP issue.



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Thanks for the suggestions, I installed VoodooBattery.kext which fixed battery and power status on Tuesday.


I had previously installed sleepenabler.kext which I downloaded from another "10.7.4 on D630" thread. That did not fix sleep (got the bios reset issue).


To answer your last question; I did not run myFix Full after installing the EDP the last time I tried it. Right now, sleep is my only remaining problem and don't want to risk it and have to do another install.


I'm making do with the default trackpad driver which is not bad as it has scroll just not what I'm used to.

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Well, at least I have the right one. But it doesn't work / prevent the Bios resetting itself when I put the laptop to sleep. Should I copy it to S/L/E and then do fix permissions, rebuild kext from Kext Wizard as opposed to using myFix?

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