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Boot Windows 10 and MacOS via OpenCore on the same drive without going through BIOS settings (links to guides)


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I see this question raised a lot in various OSXL forums, so I thought I would add my experience.  I just successfully set up my Latitude E7270 to dual boot Windows 10 and Big Sur partitions on the same drive under OpenCore 0.68.

The original guide is from a post on reddit (Credit: u/junkieslip_6).

Then, there is a very good you tube video that walks you through the steps from that guide.


Two important notes:

-It took me a few tries in Disk Utility to make sure I had a separate NTFS partition for Windows, and not another Volume in the same APFS container for MacOS

-I needed to make my Windows 10 install USB using Rufus on a Windows 10 machine (neither Win 7 nor Linux/gparted worked for me)

...well three important notes:

-there is a typo in the text instructions under the video on the you tube pages: "partition efi size=100" should be "create partition efi size=100"


Hope this helps-


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