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Remove requirement for 2 GB Memory for Lion


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Hello everyone,

I have a Dell d630 with 1 GB RAM and because of that I can't install Mac OS X Lion on it. I'm waiting for my second 1 GB RAM module from ebay, but don't know when it will arrive (if will).

So, is there any way to remove this requirement and install Lion on a dell with 1 GB RAM?

I tried to use forum search, but didn't find the answer. Though I think I remember seeing something like that few days ago.

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Thanks for welcoming and thanks for the fast answer :)

In fact I created OS X installation and even added EXTRA folder with myhack.

Haven't tried that patch yet, will try.


OK, just put that file in my flash and now I'm installing OS X! Hope that everything works from the first time, because bootable USB pen was made from vmware on the same DELL.

Thank you very much iMick!

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