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monterey 12.3 apple music skip songs when playing via airpods


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I've got a latitude 5400 hackintosh and just updated it to monterey 12.3. When I listen to songs using apple music via airpods, apple music just skips all the songs.

I've unchecked lossless audio and put dolby atom to off. But nothing helped. If I change output to internal speaker and wired headphones, apple music can play songs normally. In monterey 12.2.1. Everything works fine. Anyone has same problems with me? Any ideas?

edit: I can airplay to home pods mini without problems. Both airpods 2 and airpods 3 have problems when palying.

edit1: The problem only happen when I change to Internal speakers and back to airpods. It works when I use apple music and use airpods as output directly for the first time. really weired



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