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Latitude 5290: WWAN on Monterey and touchpad with trackpad gestures w/out Karabiner possible?


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* Dual Boot macOS Monterey 12.5 / Windows 11
* OpenCore 0.8.3
* CPU - Kabylake R Intel Core i7-8650U (Quad Core, 1.9GHz,15W, vPro)
* Memory - 16GB LPDDR4
* GFX - Intel UHD 620 iGPU
* AUDIO - Realtek ALC225
* SSD - 2TB M.2 NVME Crucial P2 CT2000P2SSD8
* WiFi/Bluetooth - M.2 BCM94352 DW1560 - Airdrop, Apple Watch unlock, Handover, Sidecar.
* ALPS TOUCHPAD - Trackpad Gestures not working but Touchpad, buttons and vertical scrolling works. Must use Karabiner to work.
* TOUCHSCREEN with Trackpad gestures
* KEYBOARD - Also works when detached and reattached


Not Working:

* Webcam - AVStream 2500 - No kext
* WWAN - DW5816E Snapdragon X7 LTE

Hi, I’m new to all this and I’m sure many of you have been there as well. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to hackintosh and learning as much as I can from various forums and guides. Getting assistance from an expert or anyone that has come across a similar issue and has a solution is immensely appreciated. It’s been a learning curve on this forum trying to figure things out thru older post.

If anyone can assist with the Trackpad Gestures for the touchpad, WWAN and Webcam - That would be awesome. Have tried to get them working but no luck on my end. If someone can help - great. If you can’t - that’s cool too.

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