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[Solved] Dell Inspiron 3558: Brightness keys not working


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Hello, I've been researching for days about Fn+F11 and Fn+F12 to control screen brightness on Monterey. I tried all my best followed these topics:

But can't enable brightness hotkey, current here are all hotkey work native:

  • Fn+Esc (Enable/ Disable Fn key) with On Screen Display OSD
  • Fn+F1, F2, F3 for System Volume level with OSD
  • Fn+F4, F5, F6 for Media control without OSD
  • Fn+PrintScr for disconnect wifi (has no OSD)

Firstly follow The Dortania Guide Brightness key work with Fn+S, B. But after tried fix it, it gone too.

 I tried BrightnessKey.Kext too but still nothing. Here my EFI, DSDT just removed errors, OSCheckFix, kind of keyboard and trackpad with 

dmesg | grep -i input

 in Linux and IOReg file with IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1, Could you give some directions on how to solve this, please?

Many thank!


EFI OC 0.8.3

HackBook Pro.ioreg



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