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Dell 7490: USB-c not working


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I have a Dell 7490 with Thunderbolt, I can't seem to get the USB C to working and that is from what i can tell the literally the only other thing missing.


It won't work for charging nor for flash drives or for display port (via usb c) 


I'm currently on Monterey but currently downloading Ventura because why not


I am using this EFI 


I have Intel WiFi


Full disclosure i haven't hackintoshed a computer since when Clover originally came out so i am way out of touch on the "best practices" 


I'm not super bothered about the USB C so don't fancy reading up on everything just for this 1 small issue, i don't expect anyone else to do that either but if they just happen to know what the issue could be please let me know :)

EDIT: Infact i believe i have fixed it with a combination of Ventura plus 7490_OC085_Ventura.zip

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