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NTFS partition 'native read' issues?


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I'm not sure whether os x's native NTFS read feature is solid or not, but applied some script from web tring to make NTFS read and write working caused the system exteemly unstable and so I applied the roll back script, and it reported itself did not go through successfully:(, and I don't know what I can do to make sure the system really rolled back to original stage regarding to NTFS partition handling...


Anyway, the system auto mounted NTFS partitions and I can browse those partitions with finder. But it is not stable: when browsing that file system in some depth (several subfolders/layers deep), Kernel Panic occurs quite often.


I don't know if that's typical or there is something can be (or need to be) fixed? I'm looking for ntfs read stability only...Thanks for any inputs.

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