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Install Monterey on E6520


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I am trying to install monterey on dell lattiude e6520 

I have searched the forum in hope that I might find an efi that works 

The closet that I could find was this post. 


When I setup the EFI, it boots to the apple logo and the progress bar stops at half bar, after which nothing happens. 


I hope to get this done and I'll be grateful for any help I can get

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Whilst these old Sandy Bridge E6x20 made great Hackintosh laptops in their days, they're unfortunately obsolete for recent versions of macOS given that Apple has long dropped support for HD3000 and nVidia Fermi graphics. Former was last officially supported in macOS High Sierra 10.13, latter in OS X El Capitan 10.11.


Of course there are patches and various tools that'll bring back OpenGL-only support for HD3000 in Mojave and later but, since, Big Sur, such support is pretty poor and HD3000 was already buggy on Hackintosh laptops when it was still officially supported. You may refer to my old E6220 guide which goes up to Catalina (I subsequently sold the laptop). No such workarounds for the nVidia Fermi dGPU, it's a dead-end.


If you insist on trying to run Monterey:

  1. make sure you install it without any config for HD3000, i.e. in VESA mode only.
  2. if you have a model with nVidia graphics, make sure you enable Optimus in BIOS (or laptop will only use nVidia dGPU) and disable the nVidia dGPU through a dedicated SSDT (available on the Net and Hackintosh forums through a Google search). Of course, Monterey will then run like crap due to lack of graphics acceleration.
  3. thereafter, install OCLP tool and apply only the graphics patches for HD3000. Make sure to install and boot Monterey with SMBIOS MacBookPro8,1 and the -no_compat_check boot arg.
  4. afaik, E6x20 laptops do not boot macOS USB installers when BIOS is set in UEFI mode, they only do so in Legacy mode. Once macOS is installed, you may change to UEFI mode and adjust your bootloader setup accordingly; it'll then work Ok.
  5. or you may simply opt to install say, High Sierra or Moiave, then upgrade to Monterey and apply the OCLP patch. That may be the easiest way to proceed.


Good luck. Remember to post your E6520 specs in signature.

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