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E6500 upgrade lion 10.7.5 and 10.8.2


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Because Apple just release 10.7.5 lion, so backup system with time machine, and sudo mv VoodooHDA.kext VoodooHDA.kext.old in E/E and /S/L/E/myHack/Contents/Plugins, and online upgrade......after reboot, choose -v for check the log and boot success, final udo mv /S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext AppleHDA.kext.10.7.5, and return previous VoodooHDA.kext, then myfix -t /Volumes/lion.


And one more safari also upgrade after 10.7.5.


How ever, I meet another trouble of Mountain Lion 10.8 just installation.


After use other HDD inside CDROM for new installation ML10.8, it real works, how ever, I missed the register of Apple, because my USB wifi cannot work at the beginning and also after I install the Ralink RTUSB D2870- UI-, Ethernet AppleIntelE1000e.kext works, I also found my USB pen seems not work at all after ML working.


Because I used VoodooHDA.kext in myHack for sound, I have not disabled them before upgrade ML 10.8.2 which released today too, and it made KP. Will try to change it and report.


Thank all contributed friends here !

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Reinstall ML10.8 without VoodooHDA, then upgrade ML10.8.2, display fail, how ever, about show ML10.8.2, also iTunes 10.7 updated display error, indeed success!


Will continue search good way for sound.


At last RT2870 even works, how ever, it cannot get the DHCP IP for internet, bad news!

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I have got one broadcom wifi from 2008 white Macbook because it is broken, it supports 802.11N indeed, how ever, it is full size which cannot be suitable in Latitude E6500 ( half size WLAN card space), I try to connect in WWAN slot but with WLAN antena line, it is not good signal, it display 1500 dell wifi card in Win, and the switch light of wifi under LCD monitor is wrong way.


So I gave up, and try to search a good driver for my RT2870 USB wifi card,

someone from tony86 marked Rosewill driver for RNX-N1.

I try to download and config in my E6500, it really works well in ML10.8.2 and also better than Ralink on 10.7.5


If you are headache of changing intern wifi card, please try to use the easy way, how ever, it is not pretty because it is out of the notebook.


On the other hand, I found a truth: if your wireless router is not good cover all your home space, if your country is not critical limitation, you can forgot your auto channel settings, try to use CH11, you will get better and stable from today :blink:

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Not completely true, at least in my case.  I took out my mini Wi-Fi card and replaced it with a "twice as large" real AirPort card I got from eBay.  It just fits inside my laptop (6520) with the bottom held in place while I screw the screws back into the bottom.  The card does overlap the chassis a bit but it does fit.


Of course YOUR milage may vary.

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