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Complete AppleHDA Patching Guide

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Sure - I've attached both codec dumps (ZIP file).

Codec: Intel Haswell HDMI -> card0_codec_dump.txt

Codec: Realtek ALC3229 -> card1_codec_dump.txt


In the meantime I tried to use all AppleALC supported layout-ids (3,4,13,22,27,28,29,76,86,127).


Layout-ID=3,4,13,29,76,86 worked but without subwoofer.

Layout-ID=27,28,127 didn’t work, no sound

Layout-ID=22 showed an additional digital output, but no sound at all.


Should I see the subwoofer in the MIDI settings - Configure Loudspeaker?


Update: I added a graphical representation of the card1_codec_dump.txt






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