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Complete AppleHDA Patching Guide

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Hi guys,


--EDIT: Nevermind guys, I took care of it ;) --

I've been trying to pull this guide off since a week but it seems there is something I'm doing wrong and because I've been looking into it for too long I think I have the tunnel vision now.

Actually my codec dump is really similar to the original one used on the guide but I still could not get it to work.

My system is:
Acer Aspire 5755G
Processor: i7-2670QM
Graphics: HD3000 + Nvidia Gt540M

Actually I was going to post the patched applehda.kext but I accidentally deleted it while trying something. I'll patch it again and post it here, but I already did it three times without success.

My question is: Is it possible to get applehda.kext and HDMI audio working for my system? Actually right now I'm using voodoohda, but HDMI audio is not working. Is it possible to get HDMI audio working with voodoohda, or should I keep trying to get applehda working?


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Hi EMlyDinEsH,


i´m not a newbie in patching AppleHDA as i successfully patched my CX20585.

But now i have a HP G72 from my working colleague here and i try to patch the ALC270, because all the kexts floating around do not work for me.


I have tried layout 12 and 28.

Only headphone is working with the patched kext. With voodooHDA i get full sound.


Inject via clover, no DSDT injection.


Please can you take a look or do you have some ideas?


Thank you



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Hello Ladies and Gents, 


I'm looking for some help!


I'm trying to correct the verb data but I'm a bit lost.


The following is the data I've compiled up to converting the pin values; the confusion for me is how to apply the correction rules. I don't see how "notes 1 through 7" apply to me.. Any advice?


Node 12: (Internal Mic Boost Volume - Stereo Amp-In)
Pin Default 0x90a60130 
Extracted Verb Data : "30,01,a6,90"
Node 14: (Speaker Playback Switch)
Pin Default 0x90170110
Extracted Verb Data: "10,01,17,90"
Node 17: (Mono Amp-Out)
Pin Default 0x40000000
Extracted Verb Data: "00,00,00,40"
Node 18: (Stereo Amp-In - Speaker at Ext Rear)
Pin Default 0x411111f0
Extracted Verb Data: "f0,11,11,41"
Node 19: ( Mic Boost Volume - Mic Jack)
Pin Default 0x03a11020
Extracted Verb Data: "20,10,a1,03"
Node 1a: (Stereo Amp-In - Black)
Pin Default 0x411111f0
Extracted Verb Data: "f0,11,11,41"
Node 1b: (Stereo Amp-In, Amp-Out)
Pin Default 0x411111f0
Extracted Verb Data: "f0,11,11,41"
Node 1d: (Mono - Pink)
Pin Default 0x40f69b05
Extracted Verb Data:"05,9b,f6,40"
Node 1e: (Stereo Digital - Speaker at Ext Rear, Black)
Pin Default 0x411111f0
Extracted Verb Data:"f0,11,11,41"
Node 21: (Stereo Amp- Out)
Pin Default 0x0321101f
Extracted Verb Data:"1f,10,21,03"

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A noob question, Sorry,

As weird as it is, I can not find any .xml files of whatsoever in the Resource folder!!

Am i even looking in the right place ? By Resource folder does it mean in AppleHDA.kext > Contents > Resource?

By the way I am on 10.6.3. (Yeah, outdated i know :-P )

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I am so confused....... I've done reading Pin Default Value from right to left but I don't really understand how to correct the verbs data using the verb table info...


What is meant by 071CXY and 071DXY, etc and how do I correct it ???

(e.g. 30 01 a6 90) 


Can someone explain to me... TKS

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So, I've hit a wall with my attempts to patch my kext. I've got the corrected verbs (I think), but the PathMaps are a bit confusing to me.


I'll attach the corrected verbs, the entire codec dump, the original AppleHDA.kext, and my DSDT.  Hopefully someone else will have some insight or advice?


eta: I'm currently on 10.9.5, but I installed from a 10.9.4 image.



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