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ThinkPad T480s with i5-8350u, OpenCore - Ventura


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  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8350u
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 16GB (8GB soldered, 8GB Kingston stick inserted)
  • Touchpad: ELAN SMBus
  • Audio: Realtek ALC257
  • Wi-Fi: Intel Wireless-AC 8265
  • Ethernet: Intel I219-LM
  • SSD: Intel 7600p

Things currently not working:

  • Fingerprint sensor, this is due to limitations of hackintoshes, and it'll probably never work.
  • Fan control
  • Possibly Thunderbolt, I have not tested Thunderbolt on mine.
  • Clicking and dragging with the bottom mouse buttons, if you let go of the touchpad, it lets go of the item. For clicking and dragging, you have to use the top mouse buttons. This has been fixed in the v1.1.2 release.

Set BIOS settings:

  • Config -> Network -> Wake On LAN -> Disabled
  • Config -> Network -> Wake On LAN from Dock -> Disabled
  • Config -> CPU -> Intel (R) Hyper-Threading Technology -> Enabled
  • Security -> Security Chip -> Security Chip -> Disabled
  • Security -> Virtualization -> Intel (R) Virtualization Technology -> Enabled
  • Security -> Virtualization -> Intel (R) VT-d Features -> Disabled
  • Security -> Secure Boot -> Secure Boot -> Disabled
  • Security -> Intel(R) SGX -> Intel (R) SGX Control -> Disabled
  • Startup -> UEFI/Legacy Boot -> UEFI Only
  • Startup -> CSM Support -> No

Before continuing, make sure your BIOS is up to date. People with outdated BIOSes have reported issues with sleep.

How to install:

Put macOS on a USB using the Dortania guide, get the latest release of my EFI from GitHub, then grab GenSMBIOS and ProperTree, open the config.plist in ProperTree and go to PlatformInfo -> Generic, then open GenSMBIOS, in GenSMBIOS press 1 then enter, then press 3 then enter, then type "MacBookPro14,1 1", press enter, then copy the Serial from GenSMBIOS to SystemSerialNumber in config.plist, copy Board Serial to MLB, copy SmUUID to SystemUUID, and copy Apple ROM to ROM. Afterwards, save the config.plist then copy the EFI folder to your USB. Plug your USB into your ThinkPad and boot to it, there will be a boot option with one of the following names, select it. If it does not show up, press the space bar.

  • macOS Base System (External)
  • Install macOS Ventura (External)
  • USB drive name (External)

Afterwards, format your internal drive as APFS in Disk Utility and install macOS as normal. After it's installed, follow this guide to boot macOS without your USB drive. Enjoy macOS!


Due to a bug in VoodooSMBus, macOS will register all clicks as force clicks by default, so you will need to disable force clicking. Open System Settings, scroll down through all the options until you find "Trackpad", then uncheck the option called "Force Click and haptic feedback".



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