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Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 8: iMessage and Apple Music not working in Sonoma


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Hi everyone,

My Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 8 works overall amazingly well with Ventura using Jake Los OpenCore config from here:

Everything works on Ventura. However when upgrading (or fresh installing, tried both) to Sonoma (after adding the Airportitlwm.kext file) everything works except for iMessage and Apple Music (although Apple Music works if previously used in Ventura and upgrading to Sonoma).

At this point I have no idea where to start as all the values for serialnumber, ROM etc are provided and as it all works in Ventura.


I attached my EFI folder for Ventura which is basically the same I used for Sonoma (except for the Airportitlwm.kext file and I had to remove all of the Airportitlwm.kext files to get it under the upload limit for this thread)

EDIT1: Please, if possible, delete the double posts (I was stupid and just replied to my own thread which is a no-no)

EDIT2: I "resolved" the issue by switching to itlwm.kext + heliport which works for iMessage etc.

I hope this can help others.

For good measure I attached my current EFI folder (I removed all wireless kexts due to size limitations, so please do NOT forget to download itlwm.kext, the current 2.3alpha for Sonoma if you're currently going to use Sonoma).




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I was having the exact same problem and I followed your instructions and everything worked out, however, I noticed my internal mic input no longer works.  Do you have the same issue?  My computer's specs are exactly the same from Jake Lo's original tutorial for Ventura.





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