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Vostro 1500: audio and trackpad issues in High Sierra


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On 1/11/2024 at 3:58 AM, hidematu5310 said:

I recently built an Inspiron 1520 as an archiving machine.
It may be useful as the specs are similar except for the GPU.


The AppleALC that has been released does not support 10.4 Tiger and 10.7 Lion, 10.11 and later.
10.4 still needs to be investigated, but there is my mod that has made it compatible with all of 10.5 and later.
I also fixed the mute button issue, the slider sync issue, and a lot of sound assertion errors.
It has been tested on 10.5-10.13.


For TrackPad, my 32/64 compiled version of the latest merge of Rehabman VoodooPS2 and Fraxul's merge in Pull requests so you can try it out.


I have also moved from Clover to the release version 0.9.6 OpenDuet and OpenCore no acpi mod binary 0.9.7.
The no acpi mod does not use ACPI when booting Windows, so you can use Windows just like Clover.
If you want to try it, use 0.9.6 because OpenDuet 0.9.7 is broken.

mod_kexts.zip 223.9 kB · 0 downloads

@hidematu5310, I have a Dell Vostro 1500 which is essentially same as the Inspiron 1520 and I need it to run El Capitan (for a Matrox Video capture App + ExpressCard H/W).

I have it working...almost using standard OpenCore 0.9.6 (OpenDuet).

I also have High Sierra booting (I can dual boot either from the same drive).

Graphics works fine with a modified DSDT (to inject Nvidia info).


For the audio, the latest AppleALC.kext 1.8.8 works as-is for me with El Capitan but does not work with High Sierra.

So I tried your modded AppleALC.kext (one you posted in the other archived thread) and it works with High Sierra (and El Capitan).


What I would like to know is what modifications did you make to get it to work ?


For the Trackpad, I used Acidanthera's VoodooPS2Controller.kext 2.3.5 as-is and it basically works.

I cannot scroll (either at the trackpad edge nor 2-finger scroll). 

With El Capitan, I can single-tap with a finger but cannot do the same with High Sierra (single tap does not work).


With your VoodooPS2, can you scroll from the trackpad ?

Can you single tap with a finger to select ?

Did you make any changes ?






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Thanks for the reply. 

The released version 1.8.8 of AppleALC on Acidanthera's GitHub has layout ID 11 but that only works on 10.11 and not on 10.13.

When you say you made modifications to those XML files, what did you change?

That is, what's the difference between what they released and what you have ?


The reason I am asking is that the info could be fed back to the Devs so that "vanilla" AppleALC can be used by others.

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